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NFL Welcomes Promo Products

Fans at Super Bowl XLVIII scored way more than the Denver Broncos did with the “Warm Welcome” kits they received at the big game. The kits, provided by the NFL, warmed up, and lit up, the 84,000 fans in attendance, offering an array of ultra-cool gifts that were intended to keep fans comfortable in chilly Northeastern temperatures. The gift packages were housed within Super Bowl-themed seat cushions and placed on every seat in MetLife Stadium before the gates opened.

NFL’s distributor partner coordinated with League officials on ideas for upgrading the commemorative seat cushions that are typically given out to fans most years. Since this year’s Super Bowl was the first to be played outdoors in a cold-weather city, the NFL wanted to guarantee fans would be comfortable even if conditions turned chilly.

The cushions and contents got a lot of media playtime. NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman showcased the kits during a press conference, which was covered by several major media outlets. The kits got additional buzz when hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, a former player for the New York Giants, devoted a 4 ½-minute segment to the Warm Welcome kits on their morning talk show.

NFL Promo ProductsThe kits contained a slew of products to combat the cold: a “video ski hat,” branded ear muffs, texting gloves, a hand warmer pouch just like the quarterbacks wear, a Gator Dana neck wrap, lip balm, drink sleeves, hand-warmer packets, a small radio with earbuds and tissues. In addition to the 84,000 kits distributed at the game, 30 kits were sent to select TV, radio and print media.

The ski hats, which were beanie style and bore sponsor Pepsi’s logo, took on a starring role in the halftime show. The caps contained LED lights and an infrared receiver that, when activated remotely, turned the entire stadium into a backdrop of flashing lights. A Montreal-based multimedia company called PixMob created the technology that allowed fans to become a human light display during performances by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Brainstorming for Super Bowl XLVIII began well before the previous Super Bowl. The products that ultimately made the cut were chosen because they could be used by fans long after the game, or be displayed alongside other keepsakes.

Besides coordinating the Warm Welcome kits, the NFL’s distributor partner also operated the official onsite NFL Super Bowl League Store. The store, which was inside NFL headquarters, was fully stocked with a combination of Super Bowl XLVIII and NFL Shield products. This League store was open exclusively to league employees and family members, NFL officials, NFL alumni and sponsors. There’s also a client gifting program for NFL buyers and partners. Gift bags are sold, and kitted with a variety of merchandise from the Super Bowl catalog and distributed to owners, players, sponsors and network affiliates.

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These are great ideas to consider for little league, high school, and college football.  We can provide you logoed products to keep your fans and visitors supportive and comfortable!   Let us create a company store that will keep your fans coming back for more. Check out Executive One Solutions website to find products to sell or distribute during the next big game!

For the Pizza Lovers

Pizza Lovers Compete for Free Tee

PizzaFor the past 20 years, Pete and Elda’s Bar & Carmen’s Pizzeria has been giving away free T-shirts to any guest who can eat their extra-extra-large pie!

This gimmick originally was started to bring in more business and has now turned into a tradition that brings in a number of pizza lovers who are eager to add a Pete and Elda T-shirt to their collection.  With T-shirt designs changing every six weeks, this gives the customers an incentive to come back for another pizza challenge and win a newly designed shirt.

Michael Jefferis, one of the five general managers at the restaurant, said “Every week we get at least one call from someone asking when the new design will be in.”   He also commented, “People keep coming back to check on what addition we have.   It’s like a collector’s item to our customers.”

The design team of a company in Manasquan, NJ works along with the manager of the restaurant to create new designs for the T-shirts.  This contest generates a lot of popularity with college kids.  It’s estimated that the restaurant gives away a couple hundred shirts a month!

The Pie Eater’s Club challenge is very important to the restaurant.  “We are famous for our pizza and by having this challenge, it makes it fun for our customers.  It brings excitement to their table, and gives them some memories that will last a lifetime,” says Jefferis.

In addition to the T-shirt giveaways, the eatery also sells branded merchandise, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers.

Pizza Cutter

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USA MADEOur client, BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, contacted us regarding purchasing USA- Made cloth wipes for their marketing campaign.  This information may be helpful in making sure you purchase genuine made USA products.

The Federal Tread Commission’s website,, assists in helping distinguish products that are truly U.S.- Made and products that claim to be U.S.-Made.  Their policy is for a product to qualify as “Made in the USA,” the product has to be “all or virtually all” made domestically.

What does the FTC mean by “all or virtually all?”  This means that all parts, processing, and labor must be of U.S. origin.  Products should not contain any foreign content.  The FTC defines “domestic” as products made in the United States including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories and possessions.


  • No long production and shipping times and tighter deadlines.
  • Clients must have goods that are 100% made in the USA for political or brand-association reasons to avoid offending their audience or being hypocritical.
  • Proof that strict safety and regulatory guidelines are met.
  • Quickly replenish stock with a more reliable inventory.
  • Support of workers and keeping jobs in the USA


  1. Government/Political Organizations
  2. Automotive
  3. Military
  4. Unions
  5. Universities

Executive One Solutions suggests you choose USA Made products especially when it comes to drink ware, apparel, toys, and food.