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Make the Most out of Summer!

Here we are at the start of summer, and it is not summer vacation in the marketing industry! Summer events offer a great opportunity for promotional products that fit the criteria of being both useful and memorable.

Give a client the beach cooler that they use all summer long, & you can be sure that your logo will be first and foremost in their mind.

Hampton Kooler Bag

Large Cruising Tote Bag With Rope Handles

What could be a more visible location for your logo than a beach umbrella or a beach ball? Associate your brand with the memories people remember.

Beach Umbrella w/Shoulder Strap Carrying Case

Jones Beach Chair Combo

16″ Beach Ball

Another fun idea for summer is to host take advantage of the weather & host an outdoor event, such as a ball game or a BBQ, & have a promotional tie in.

Portable BBQ Grill And Kooler

3-Piece BBQ Set In Case

Contrast Stitch Mesh Back Cap

Summer is also a popular time for travel, which is another golden opportunity for promotional products that people keep with them. Think travel accessories for marketing giveaways that stay with your client on their summer vacations.

Ultimate Travel Companion

3-Piece Travel Pillow & Blanket Set


Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most out of your summer! Check out for more excellent ideas for hot & cool summer promotions!

Next Big Thing for 2018!

What trend will capture the promotional products market in 2018? In 2017, consumers were taken over by the success of the fidget spinner.  Stay ahead of the promotional products game by checking out these new trends emerging in the first quarter of 2018.

Functional Wearables

One theme so far is functional apparel, marrying style with purpose.

Fitness Bracelet


Going green is another apparel trend to keep an eye on. Recent data shows that two-thirds of consumers were willing to pay more for sustainable brands.

Alternative Heirloom Men’s Crew T-Shirt

Alternative Ladies’ Meegs Eco-Jersey Racer Tank

Creative Packaging

Whether you have faux suede totes that look expensive or Moleskin look journals, 2018 is all about looking expensive and valuable. The look can matter as much as function when it comes to the staying power of your brand.

WoodChuck Mahogany Wood iPhone 7 Case

Promotional “Elegance” Bamboo Stylus Twister Pens

Smart Products

Go the extra mile with a product that is just a little more, like a smart bottle that tracks your hydration levels.

Thermos® Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid – 24 Oz. Grey

Stay on trend for 2018 and check out our website for these & more fresh new promotional product ideas! We look forward to hearing from you!

Think Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and with a new season comes a fresh new energy to bring to your marketing approach.  Every business starts out with the best of intentions and lofty resolutions at the beginning of the year.  But by March, many of those aspirations have begun to fade.

Spring has become synonymous with spring cleaning and a fresh start.  It has become the go-to season for millions to deep clean homes, get rid of unnecessary clutter, and look at things from a different perspective.

Let the new season inspire you!

This is a great time to get rid of all the products and services that haven’t been as profitable as you’d like, and to put your brand on something new.  Your messaging should match the season with vibrant colors and a theme of renewal and revitalization.  Focus on a new look for your website, a new feature, perhaps a new product offering to go along with the spirit of renewal.

There are some great holidays in the Spring that are perfect for marketing opportunities.   Create a marketing effort related to the annual celebration of Earth Day.  Go local and sponsor a road cleanup project or a tree planting event, and invite the community to join in. The week of Mothers Day: send flowers or a card to your clients who are mothers.


Check out some of these product ideas below for your next seasonal special event or marketing campaign!

Spring Breeze Folding Umbrella

Sunscreen Spray Pen with Cap

Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – EOS

GrowPot Eco-Planter Herb 3-Pack

USB Two Blade Mini Flexible Fan

Malibu Sunglasses

Wow your clients with your brand-new, energetic approach!

Visit Executive One Solutions website to check out these products & so many more. We would love to help you get into step with spring.


In September of 2016, employees of Executive One Solutions walked the entire show at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. This event hosted over 2,000 exhibitors. Executive One Solutions, a branding solutions company, once again honored companies for their creative booth designs.  All companies were mailed their award along with an incentive to work with us in the future.

The following companies won UNIQUE BOOTH DESIGN


The following company won BEST EXHIBIT


The following company won BEST IN SHOW


Congratulations to all the winners.  We wish you a great show in 2018!











Event Planning That Promotes You!

When planning your next client event, detailed planning and smart product placement will ensure that your attendees are satisfied while you get your message across.
START with convincing enticement to attend your event. An eye-catching invite means your guests are more likely to add your event to their calendar & show up.

Single Seeded Paper Invitation

Invitation Marketing Product

4″ x 6″ – Aluminum Invitation or postcard – Color Printed – Made in the USA

THE DECOR is a valuable self-promotion tool. Use your logo on tablecloths, napkins, & drinkware to create simple & easy brand recognition.

9 Oz. Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass

9 Oz. Tall Wine Glass

Round Absorbent Coaster

Linen-Esque® Beverage Napkin

DON’T FOR GET THE GIFT!   Giving your guests something memorable to take home with them ensures that the association of your company & a successful event sticks with them. Make it something festive & a bit whimsical, but also something they will use in the future.

Fortune Cookie Box w/ Fortune Cookies

HARLEQUIN Felt Journal with Leather Accents

.3 Oz. Total Comfort Lip Balm

20 Oz H2go Nexus – Powder

Jute Tote Bag With Front Pocket

We would love to help YOU plan your next special event. Visit Executive One Solutions website to check out these products & so many more!

New Year, New Products!

Welcome to 2018! A new year is the perfect time for new ideas. Did you know that of all promotional industry products sold, 8% are technology related? The mobile accessory category is adding new products & improving in quality daily, so why not excite your customers with a fresh modern idea?

Check out some stimulating new ways to display your brand in a way that shows you are looking forward to the future!

High Sierra Falcon Solar 10000 mAh Power Bank

Aluminum PopSockets

Executive Classic Wall Charger

ifidelity True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Smartphone Controlled Mini Drone Quadcopter

Bluetooth Solo Speaker

Visit Executive One Solutions website to check out these products & so many more! Start your New Year with your logo on an original & impressive product & who knows where it will take you! We will be here for you to help you create your next promotional solution.

Create A Plan for 2018 That Works!

A plan of action is necessary to be productive throughout the day and to bring in new business.  Hopefully you have put a plan in action before now.  If you haven’t, then use these helpful tips to keep you motivated through the year.  

Step 1: Start Early

Identify your goals early is always the best plan in order to jump right into your plan.   In developing your plan, make sure to ask yourself WHY you have set certain objectives-this will help to motivate you going forward.

Step 3: Break It Down

Set reasonable, achievable goals. Keep the big picture in site, but also focus on the day to day steps that will get you there. If your big picture is to bring in more business, create a plan with the help of a marketing advisor .  This along with a promotional marketing plan is important in achieving this goal.

Step 3: Be As Detailed As Possible

Don’t be afraid to lay out hour by hour what needs to be done, especially if you are prone to distraction. A clear, detail based schedule is your friend in 2018.

Step 4: Put It In Writing

We are visual creatures. Once your plan is clear to you, write it down! Print it out.  Keep a copy on your desk & another on your tablet or phone. Keep your daily & weekly goals on your mirror or near your coffee maker so you will be reminded of them first thing ever morning. Don’t let a week go by without you reviewing the plan for the year, so make sure you are still on track for the big picture goals.

Step 5: You Are Your Best Resource

Stay healthy. Don’t merely focus on your actions, focus on your body. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, & eat right. Start the day with a healthy breakfast & your goals in front of you. Hitting the gym first thing each morning will give you a motivating energy boost to start the day of right.

Step 6: Be Firm But Flexible

Do not stress yourself out if you do not follow your plan exactly. Always adjust your plan as needed throughout the year.  It is ok if some of your plans change, as long as they stay true to your overall vision, & true to you. Making adjustments when necessary will help you maintain focus on your larger goals as the year progresses.

Journal Books  are a wonderful way to keep yourself in check.  Take notes, create your to do list and the best part is crossing the task off when completed.   Your clients I’m sure would be happy to receive one from you also.


Tips to Keep the Mind in Tact


  1. Save Energy
    Organize your life so you’re using your brain’s energy for critical thinking, not trying to find your keys (or shoes or wallet) in the morning as you rush to the office. Put the mundane on auto-pilot so you can concentrate on what will demand more mental prowess.
  2. Switch Hands
    Using your non-dominant hand expands the neurological circuits connected to that hand, which can improve mental performance. If you’re right-handed, brush your teeth or jot down quick notes with your left. If you’re left-handed, stir a pot or wipe down the kitchen counter with your right. You can also try using chopsticks with both hands.
  3. Choose Food Wisely
    Eat more antioxidant-rich berries, dark leafy greens, nuts (full of vitamins and minerals) and fish; salmon, sardines, anchovies and lake trout in particular contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to decrease cognitive weakening.
  4. Work Out Regularly
    Cardiovascular exercise pumps oxygen-rich blood to the brain, which gives it a boost of nutrients such as glucose. Working out also strengthens blood vessels and helps to avoid illnesses such as stroke, which affects cognition.
  5. Keep Learning
    Studies have shown that learning new things keeps thinking sharp and may ward off senility. Head to the library to find books on new subjects, check out the latest art exhibit at a museum or even pick up a musical instrument. Also consider investing in materials from a company such as The Great Courses, which offers college-level workbooks and lectures on different academic subjects from top professors.

On the Road to Summer

With the summer months around the corner, it’s time to prepare to celebrate!  Why not get ahead of the game in the workplace?  Promote your company with products to get everyone ready for fun in the sun!  Whether you are looking for a simple giveaway or you are thinking about hosting a summer themed company gathering, summer time products are great way to get your company name into the hands of many!

Here are a few helpful ideas to get you thinking about your company’s next promotional solution.  All of these products make useful individual promotions or put them all together to make a summer fun gift bag!

Click on the pictures below for more information about the product.

Stowaway Tote N Towel 

This 2-1 product acts as a draw string tote and folds out into a towel.  Watch this video for more details and to see where your logo can be imprinted.

 Beach Buddy Mat

Beach Buddy MatHead for the sand toting a promotional tool that’s built to please with the Beach Buddy Mat. This handy beach time promo is made using polypropylene material and comes complete with an inflatable pillow. It’s water and sand resistant, features a large front pocket and easily folds up into a large top bag with a web shoulder strap that measures 33 1/2″ (folded size is 23″ x 17″). Add your custom imprint and create something that’s ideal for corporate beach days and more!

The Sun Ray Sunglasses – Matte

 The Sun Ray Sunglasses - MatteGive your apparel store’s summer season line a boost in sales by offering the Sun Ray Sunglasses – Matte as a gift item with any purchase! This stylish eyewear offers UV 400 protective lenses. The shades are available in multiple eye-catching colors sure to make a fashion statement and go great with your logo imprint. Take advantage of these trendy accessories to expand your client base right away!

2 oz. Duo Bottle Sunscreen and Lip Balm

 2 oz. Duo Bottle with SPF 30 Sunscreen and SPF 15 Lip Balm For a 2-in-1 product that will keep you safe in the sun, look no further than this 2 oz. duo bottle with SPF 30 sunscreen and SPF 15 lip balm!  This useful product comes in a 3 5/8″H x 1 1/4″W container.  Customize with an imprint of your company name and logo for a handy giveaway during trade shows and conventions.


Aloe After Sun Gel

Aloe after Sun GelSoothe your skin after a long sunny day with the Bloc-Aid aloe after sun gel. American made, this unscented sun gel is made from the aloe leaf. Whether it’s a day at the beach or at the park, this handy sunscreen protectant comes in a convenient 1.9 oz refillable squeeze bottle with easy to use flip cap. To add the ease of portability, attach a clip.

 Pigment Dyed Baseball Cap

Pigment Dyed Baseball Cap100% pigment-dyed water washed cotton twill baseball cap with 6 panels, unstructured, embroidered eyelets, antique brass snap with tuck in closure, and contrasting pigment-dyed button and visor on two-tone cap. The perfect summer cap – great for the beach or the boardwalk! Keep the sun out of your eyes with this comfortable cotton twill cap.

28 oz Translucent Water Bottle with Sports Cap

28 oz Translucent Water Bottle with Sports CapHere’s an item that will help quench your need for a great promotional product! The poly clean sports bottle measures 3″ x 9 3/4″, is BPA-free & has a push pull lid. This item is hand wash only. Ideal product for staying hydrated while partaking in activities such as hiking, biking, working out, playing sports or a for a fun day at the beach. Just customize with an imprint & hand out at your next convention or trade show!

Looking for other products for your next promotional solution?  Visit and go through our product search to find the perfect product for your next campaign.

When in doubt, work out!

Office FitnessFitness is on the mind of many people.  How can your company promote health and wellness to your employees and clients?  Fitness products are a great place to start.  With the increasing popularity of corporate wellness programs and over 34,000 health clubs in America, branded items that cater to active lifestyles are sure to get the blood pumping for your employees and clients!

We can offer you a head start with a few ideas to help your company promote fitness and wellness!

Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitness Activity TrackerStay up to date with the latest fitness craze!  This tracker is designed to be worn all day and lets you monitor and log your everyday routines, from eating and sleeping habits to calories burned. Review your running stats and incoming calls without ever breaking stride. This tracker also comes equipped with Anti-Lost functionality so that you do not lose your phone or watch, as well as acting like a snap remote, so that with the press of a button on the side of the watch, it will snap a picture on your phone.  There are 3 available places for imprinting your logo.

Mobile Tech Earbud Kit in Travel ID Wallet

Mobile Tech Earbud Kit in Travel ID WalletHear the sweet sounds of new business with the help of this mobile tech earbud kit in travel ID wallet. Packaged into a matching color zipper carabiner ID wallet, it includes white headphone earphones that cannot be imprinted. Available in your choice of bold color.  Customize this wallet with your company logo.

Men’s and Women’s Mica Knit Jacket

Men's and Women's Mica Knit JacketQuality construction combined with superior styling make the Mica Knit Jacket a favorite for outdoor lifestyles. Dual zippered exterior pockets, reflective piping, and tagless design offer streamlined comfort on the golf course or hiking trail. Available in three attractive colors.

24 oz. Tritan Water Bottle

24 oz. Tritan Water Bottle You will love to sip from this cleverly designed 24 oz. water bottle which has an integrated straw so you can easily quench your thirst on-the-go. The product measures 3″ x 9 1/2″ x 3 3/8″ and is available in a variety of color options. Make this bottle complete by imprinting a personal message or your company logo.

Continue your search for more wellness products on our website.  We will be happy to assist you with your next promotional campaign!