Tips for Managing Your Social Media

Everyone is doing their marketing on social media these days, but how do you make your company stand out from the rest? Check out these tips to make your social media presence really shine.

  1. Respond ASAP. A quick response is key to client satisfaction. Make sure you have your social media accounts set up to send you alerts to your phone, so you can never miss a potential client interaction.
  2. Take Control of the Conversation. Subscribe to a couple of services that will let you know if people are talking about you or your brand. Never miss the opportunity to get involved.
  3. Be Human. Even if you are talking to screen, never forgot that there is a real life person behind it.  Being genuine and sympathetic to your customers needs will get you as far on the internet as it does in real life.
  4. Always Be Aware of Your Audience. Remember that your clients are watching your online presence, and know your audience. Be consistent online with things you may have said in personal meetings.
  5. Know When Its Time to Go Offline. Social media is a great tool, but don’t forget the good old fashioned value of face to face time.

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