Time To Plan for the Upcoming Year

Now is the time to think of charging up your marketing for 2019.

Many think about making changes to their health.  First on most people’s lists is fitness. If you are thinking of a new fitness plan for 2019, chances are your clients are too, and what better way to stay on their radar than to offer fitness related promotions and giveaways?

Resolve for 2019 to start a personal fitness plan, and let that create a trend for your promotional giveaways.

Here are some tips to get you started on your new improved, healthier routine:

  1. Wake Up Earlier. Set your alarm to just 10 to 15 minutes earlier and use the extra time to get in a quick workout-you’ll find you will actually have more energy in your day.
  2. Create A Plan. It is easier to stick to your fitness goals if you know what they are.
  3. Work Out At Home. If the drive to the gym is what is holding you back, set up a home gym. Demonstrate your commitment to the health new you by creating space in your home to exercise.
  4. Walk. Take any chance you can find to squeeze some walking into your day, even if it’s just a block or two. Go out for a coffee instead of using the breakroom coffee machine. Figure out how to run errands on foot instead of by car. Use a step counter so you can appreciate how much exercise you get with these small changes.
  5. Drink More Water. Classic advice but always relevant. Try investing in a water bottle you love & keeping it with you all day.
  6. Eat More Fruit. Try a fruit infuser bottle, or try packing blueberries or apple slices for the office, instead of hitting up the snack machine.
  7. Go Outside. When weather permits, try to make at least one workout a week an outdoors one, even if it’s just a jog around the block. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you gain from fresh air.
  8. Try Something New. Commit to taking at least one new class in 2019. Try Pilates for the first time could be just the motivation you need to keep your fitness goals on track.
  9. Start Meditating. Take a few minutes out of your day (like before work) to sit quietly and check in with yourself
  10. Employ the Buddy System. Get a friend to commit to a fitness goal with you. You’ll find that you will have more fun AND be more accountable.

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