Tips for a Stress Free Vacation!

Step One: Start with a Good Plan.

Begin with a solid, well thought out plan. Start thinking about your vacation at least 3 months in advance and use the head start to avoid conflicts with deadlines or special projects.

Step Two: Communicate and Coordinate.

Make sure your boss and coworkers are aware of the timing of your planned vacation. Keeping your team in the loop allows for low stress and effective vacation coverage.

Step Three: Unplug.

If you followed the first two steps, you will be able to truly leave your devices behind and enjoy your time away. Set up a out of the office reply on your email and make sure there is a clearly understood plan back at the office so you can truly be away with no worries.

Step Four:Organize.

Never underestimate the importance of a vacation checklist. Keep your chill time truly relaxing by doing some research in the planning stage, so you have all the info on where to go & what to bring.

Step Five: Don’t Forget to Plan for your Return.

Extend your vacation plan to your return. Don’t undo all that rest and relaxation by over scheduling yourself your first day back in the office. Do your self a favor & create a workplace schedule for your first day back that allows your to hold onto the vacation mindset.

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Wishing you safe & relaxing travels!

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