Make the Most out of Summer!

Here we are at the start of summer, and it is not summer vacation in the marketing industry! Summer events offer a great opportunity for promotional products that fit the criteria of being both useful and memorable.

Give a client the beach cooler that they use all summer long, & you can be sure that your logo will be first and foremost in their mind.

Hampton Kooler Bag

Large Cruising Tote Bag With Rope Handles

What could be a more visible location for your logo than a beach umbrella or a beach ball? Associate your brand with the memories people remember.

Beach Umbrella w/Shoulder Strap Carrying Case

Jones Beach Chair Combo

16″ Beach Ball

Another fun idea for summer is to host take advantage of the weather & host an outdoor event, such as a ball game or a BBQ, & have a promotional tie in.

Portable BBQ Grill And Kooler

3-Piece BBQ Set In Case

Contrast Stitch Mesh Back Cap

Summer is also a popular time for travel, which is another golden opportunity for promotional products that people keep with them. Think travel accessories for marketing giveaways that stay with your client on their summer vacations.

Ultimate Travel Companion

3-Piece Travel Pillow & Blanket Set


Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most out of your summer! Check out for more excellent ideas for hot & cool summer promotions!