Create A Plan for 2018 That Works!

A plan of action is necessary to be productive throughout the day and to bring in new business.  Hopefully you have put a plan in action before now.  If you haven’t, then use these helpful tips to keep you motivated through the year.  

Step 1: Start Early

Identify your goals early is always the best plan in order to jump right into your plan.   In developing your plan, make sure to ask yourself WHY you have set certain objectives-this will help to motivate you going forward.

Step 3: Break It Down

Set reasonable, achievable goals. Keep the big picture in site, but also focus on the day to day steps that will get you there. If your big picture is to bring in more business, create a plan with the help of a marketing advisor .  This along with a promotional marketing plan is important in achieving this goal.

Step 3: Be As Detailed As Possible

Don’t be afraid to lay out hour by hour what needs to be done, especially if you are prone to distraction. A clear, detail based schedule is your friend in 2018.

Step 4: Put It In Writing

We are visual creatures. Once your plan is clear to you, write it down! Print it out.  Keep a copy on your desk & another on your tablet or phone. Keep your daily & weekly goals on your mirror or near your coffee maker so you will be reminded of them first thing ever morning. Don’t let a week go by without you reviewing the plan for the year, so make sure you are still on track for the big picture goals.

Step 5: You Are Your Best Resource

Stay healthy. Don’t merely focus on your actions, focus on your body. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, & eat right. Start the day with a healthy breakfast & your goals in front of you. Hitting the gym first thing each morning will give you a motivating energy boost to start the day of right.

Step 6: Be Firm But Flexible

Do not stress yourself out if you do not follow your plan exactly. Always adjust your plan as needed throughout the year.  It is ok if some of your plans change, as long as they stay true to your overall vision, & true to you. Making adjustments when necessary will help you maintain focus on your larger goals as the year progresses.

Journal Books  are a wonderful way to keep yourself in check.  Take notes, create your to do list and the best part is crossing the task off when completed.   Your clients I’m sure would be happy to receive one from you also.