Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in the Office

Essential Oil ImageEssential oils and aromatherapy are the latest trends in healthy living.  Did you know they have wonderful benefits in the office?  Various therapeutic grade oils can be used to address alertness, congestion, endurance, headaches, memory and more. They come in various fragrances, derived purely from nature and in many forms, such as bath salts, soaps, candles and diffusers.

Are you looking to create a more peaceful environment in the workplace?  Take a look at this news report about how essential oils and aromatherapy have benefited individuals.  See how the Vanderbilt Medical Center has now incorporated these products in their work space for their employees and how they are using them to help their patients.

Executive One Solutions has all of your aromatherapy needs.  We can offer you a variety of  fragrances.  For instance there are 9 available fragrances to choose from: Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Focus (Peppermint/Pine), Immunity (Orange/Clove), Cloud 9 (Lemongrass/Sandalwood), Invigorate (Grapefruit/Vanilla), Tranquility (Lavender/Chamomile), and Exhale (Eucalyptus/Peppermint).

Essential Oils

We can also help you choose from a variety of aromatherapy products such as:

Aromatherapy Machine

Aromatherapy MachineBreathe easy and let essential oils do the relaxing for you! The essential oil diffuser provides instant soothing fragrances. This product works with water and drops of essential oils to spray a mist for aromatherapy, humidifying, purifying and enjoying fragrance indoors.

Essential Oil Infused Bar Soap

Essential Oil Infused Bar SoapCapture the aroma of pure relaxation and soak away all of your worries with the  Essential Oil infused soap line. The perfect amount of moisture and with your choice of signature scent, you can be sure to relax.

Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Essential Oil Reed DiffuserTake a moment and relax. The Essential oil Reed Diffuser provides instant soothing fragrances pre-cut with fractionated coconut oil will be sure to ignite your senses.  Available in the following blends: Cloud 9, Exhale, Focus, Immunity, Invigorate, Tranquility, Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon.   Includes 10 Bamboo sticks.


Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts

Essential Oil Infused Bath SaltsLoosen up and unwind with the Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts line. Dissolve in water and drench yourself in rich essential oils and sea salts for the ultimate in pampering and relaxation.



Essential Oil Infused Bath Bomb

Essential Oil Infused Bath BombLoosen up and unwind with the Essential Oil Infused Bath Bombs. It dissolves in water and for the ultimate in pampering and relaxation. Bath bombs are a great gift idea. Give the gift of relaxation.

So why use essential oils?

Throughout history, essential oils have been used for their therapeutic benefits.  They have powerful cleansing properties.  They are convenient, quick, and easy to use.  They help with anxiety, stress, headaches, mental clarity, hyperactivity, relaxation, energize, air purifier, and sleep.  They can bring a sense of calmness to the office or workplace.

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