Planning an Open House?

OPEN HOUSEIs your company prepared for their next open house?  Here are some ideas and tips to make your next open house successful and productive.

Start out with a check list to stay organized.

1.  What is our budget?  When should we host the open house? What date and time will be most convenient for our customers?

This should always be first on your checklist.  Determine how much the company is willing to spend on the open house and then plan accordingly.  Discuss amongst the company members what date would work best for everyone and find out when your customers are available before planning the big event.

2.  Should we have a theme and decorations?

Floor Mat

Make an impression on your customers the moment they walk in the door.  Custom floor mats with your logo is the way to go.  These look great and leave a long, lasting impression.



What about Custom Blowflags for the lawn?   The Convex Economy Flying Banner is easy to set up, easy to transport and easy to store.  Help your customers to find your location easily with these flags.  It is suitable for numerous applications.




Use custom banners with your logo to display throughout the office.  Use these promotional banners for advertising, indoor and outdoor events.


 3.  Are we going to give away products to the guests?


You can keep give away products simple.  Think of products that most people could use in their every day life.  Logoed USB’s make the perfect promotional  give away gift at any open house.


PENSLogoed pens also make great give aways.  But don’t hand out just any pen, make it something that they will really hold onto.  For instance, the 3-in-1 Ballpoint / Stylus and LED flashlight pen.  This style pen includes a metal ballpoint, a stylus, and an LED flashlight!


MOBILE POCKETAdd convenience to their busy lifestyles with our Silicone Mobile Pocket! This 3M sticky mobile pocket adheres to the back of your mobile device and features a convenient storage for pocket business cards, credit cards and identification. Choose from a variety of bright, eye-catching colors and customize this item with your company’s logo to maximize brand recognition.

4.  How are we going to invite our guests?  Email invite?  U.S. mailer?

Email invites are an effect way to promote customers to your open house!  But it is always good to follow up with a hard copy mailer in case you email invite gets over looked.  Executive One Solutions will be happy to assist you with any printing evite needs!

5.  Who should we invite?

Not only should you invite your current customers but also have them invite one or two guests as well.  This is a great way to meet new people and new potential clients.

6. What will we serve our guests?

Most guests nowadays are looking for something more gourmet.  Try to stay away from hot dogs, chips, and soda.  Try serving simple, yet elegant Hors d’Oeuvres such as assorted cheeses and other small plates.  You can also provide an assortment of wine or sparking waters.

We hope this check list and other tips will help you plan for your next open house.  Please contact Executive One Solutions for your next upcoming event and we will be happy to assist you!