For the Pizza Lovers

Pizza Lovers Compete for Free Tee

PizzaFor the past 20 years, Pete and Elda’s Bar & Carmen’s Pizzeria has been giving away free T-shirts to any guest who can eat their extra-extra-large pie!

This gimmick originally was started to bring in more business and has now turned into a tradition that brings in a number of pizza lovers who are eager to add a Pete and Elda T-shirt to their collection.  With T-shirt designs changing every six weeks, this gives the customers an incentive to come back for another pizza challenge and win a newly designed shirt.

Michael Jefferis, one of the five general managers at the restaurant, said “Every week we get at least one call from someone asking when the new design will be in.”   He also commented, “People keep coming back to check on what addition we have.   It’s like a collector’s item to our customers.”

The design team of a company in Manasquan, NJ works along with the manager of the restaurant to create new designs for the T-shirts.  This contest generates a lot of popularity with college kids.  It’s estimated that the restaurant gives away a couple hundred shirts a month!

The Pie Eater’s Club challenge is very important to the restaurant.  “We are famous for our pizza and by having this challenge, it makes it fun for our customers.  It brings excitement to their table, and gives them some memories that will last a lifetime,” says Jefferis.

In addition to the T-shirt giveaways, the eatery also sells branded merchandise, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers.

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