Excellent Customer Service In 5 Easy Steps

90% of buyers are more likely to purchase if the company provides excellent customer service. Everyone know this, so how to you make your company’s customer service stand above the rest? Try these 6 easy tips below to take your business to the next level of client satisfaction!

  1. Respect The Informed Buyer. If your buyer has done their research, meet them half way with research of your own, and demonstrate that you appreciate their knowledge.
  2. Spend More Time Listening Then Talking. In business and in life, everyone likes a good listener. The ability to sit back and listen displays respect for your client’s ideas, and respect is usually a two way street.
  3. Approach with a Service  Mindset. Your primary function is to be there for your clients. You work for them, so be available for whatever they need. If they ask for something you can’t provide, don’t simply say no, but rather try to help them figure out the problem.
  4. Commit For the Long Term. See the big picture. Going the extra mile now might not have immediate sales results, but you could be building client relationships that provide revenue for years to come.
  5. Make the Experience Seamless. Sure you work hard on behalf of your clients, but they don’t need to see that. Be everything your clients need without them ever seeing you struggle.

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The link between better business and happiness

There is a common myth that personal happiness and business success are at odds with each, but in reality the people most successful at business take care of their personal lives. Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a life journey, and the people most successful at business recognize this.

Thriving business people know that true success starts with a good attitude.

Having trouble bringing  joy into your workplace?

Try these steps below.

  1. Use personal goals to get ahead in business-setting weekly goals of trying a new food or reading a new books exposes you to new clients and gives you something memorable to discuss in meetings
  2. New activities and  hobbies can both reduce stress and make you a more well rounded person, someone clients look forward to meeting
  3. Recognize that success goes up and down, rather than being linear. Stressing less over disappoints will lead to more longer term successes.
  4. Everyday, count the things which you are grateful for. A appreciative attitude will increase your energy and drive.

Smile more, be happy, and succeed!

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Tips for Managing Your Social Media

Everyone is doing their marketing on social media these days, but how do you make your company stand out from the rest? Check out these tips to make your social media presence really shine.

  1. Respond ASAP. A quick response is key to client satisfaction. Make sure you have your social media accounts set up to send you alerts to your phone, so you can never miss a potential client interaction.
  2. Take Control of the Conversation. Subscribe to a couple of services that will let you know if people are talking about you or your brand. Never miss the opportunity to get involved.
  3. Be Human. Even if you are talking to screen, never forgot that there is a real life person behind it.  Being genuine and sympathetic to your customers needs will get you as far on the internet as it does in real life.
  4. Always Be Aware of Your Audience. Remember that your clients are watching your online presence, and know your audience. Be consistent online with things you may have said in personal meetings.
  5. Know When Its Time to Go Offline. Social media is a great tool, but don’t forget the good old fashioned value of face to face time.

You are on your phone a lot, and you can bet that your clients are too. Check out these products to make sure the remember your name while you are checking your feed.

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Time To Plan for the Upcoming Year

Now is the time to think of charging up your marketing for 2019.

Many think about making changes to their health.  First on most people’s lists is fitness. If you are thinking of a new fitness plan for 2019, chances are your clients are too, and what better way to stay on their radar than to offer fitness related promotions and giveaways?

Resolve for 2019 to start a personal fitness plan, and let that create a trend for your promotional giveaways.

Here are some tips to get you started on your new improved, healthier routine:

  1. Wake Up Earlier. Set your alarm to just 10 to 15 minutes earlier and use the extra time to get in a quick workout-you’ll find you will actually have more energy in your day.
  2. Create A Plan. It is easier to stick to your fitness goals if you know what they are.
  3. Work Out At Home. If the drive to the gym is what is holding you back, set up a home gym. Demonstrate your commitment to the health new you by creating space in your home to exercise.
  4. Walk. Take any chance you can find to squeeze some walking into your day, even if it’s just a block or two. Go out for a coffee instead of using the breakroom coffee machine. Figure out how to run errands on foot instead of by car. Use a step counter so you can appreciate how much exercise you get with these small changes.
  5. Drink More Water. Classic advice but always relevant. Try investing in a water bottle you love & keeping it with you all day.
  6. Eat More Fruit. Try a fruit infuser bottle, or try packing blueberries or apple slices for the office, instead of hitting up the snack machine.
  7. Go Outside. When weather permits, try to make at least one workout a week an outdoors one, even if it’s just a jog around the block. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you gain from fresh air.
  8. Try Something New. Commit to taking at least one new class in 2019. Try Pilates for the first time could be just the motivation you need to keep your fitness goals on track.
  9. Start Meditating. Take a few minutes out of your day (like before work) to sit quietly and check in with yourself
  10. Employ the Buddy System. Get a friend to commit to a fitness goal with you. You’ll find that you will have more fun AND be more accountable.

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Be A Good Listener

Be A Good Listener

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand.  We listen to reply”~ Steven Covey, Author, American Businessman, Educator & Keynote Speaker

You have heard the phrase, ‘eyes wide-open’, making sure you’re open to seeing every side of every opportunity with ALL the possibilities.

But what about listening with our…‘ears wide open?’ We’ve all been in meetings or dealt with clients that cut you off mid- conversation; when this happens you soon realize the person hasn’t heard a word you’ve said; the appearance is, their opinion is the only one that matters. Is this you?

In your next meeting or conversation with a colleague, co-worker, friend or client; listen with intention, ‘ears wide open’, listen to understand the point they’re trying to make; digest the information, count to four before you respond and repeat for clarity if needed.

Being a great listener is one of the best human qualities one can possess; it engages the conversation at a deeper level, it takes practice, do it.  You will be able to find the right solution for the customer by listening to their needs and finding the right solution.

Author, Cliff Quicksell  Marketing Ipromoteu

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Make Your Best Impression This Holiday Season

IT’S THE GIVING SEASON…but what about all year long?

Your business can always benefit from gift giving all year long.  Promotional gifts generate good will at the same time that they provide advertising. Clients and customers remember your company every time they drink coffee from their travel mug or use the branded pen you gave them.

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Giving gifts to employees is good business too, because this is an extra way of telling them that you value the hard work they have put in. Little morale boosters can make a difference in the overall workplace attitude, and the occasional gift lets your team know you couldn’t do it without them. Giving something useful like an umbrella or a lunch box means your employees bring your gift with them to work everyday, and remember your goodwill in giving it to them.

37″ Arc Telescopic Folding Travel Umbrella With Eva Case

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Take into consideration the personality of the receiver when it comes to giving client gifts.  Do they like to take notes by hand?   If so, would they appreciate a nice journal more than a padfolio?  Would a set of wine glasses be appreciated or are they a chocolate fan?

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Fall Back Into A Healthy Work Schedule

September is here, kids are back to school, summer vacations are complete, and companies are no longer operating on a holiday schedule. It can be difficult to accept the change when those first leaves begin to hit the ground, so here are some tips to help you transition into a happier, healthier fall season, plus some on trend products that you can offer your clients to help them stay on track for the new season.

Don’t Be Late.

If you have children, fall means back to school and school drop off mornings. Even if you don’t have children, fall means adjusting your commute to school bus schedules.

Diamond Lattice Accent Backpack

Plan Your Schedule. 

Days are getting shorter, & it is important in the last few weeks of summer to think ahead regarding your new fall schedule. Get to bed earlier, finish up your fall shopping lists, and plan your commute and car pool schedule.

Triumph® Academic Monthly Planner

Take Vitamins. 

With shorter days and the end of beach season comes less sunshine which means less Vitamin D, essential for healthy bones. Stock up on supplements, and increase your intake of Vitamin D rich foods such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon.  and get outside when you can! A lunchtime stroll is the perfect way to squeeze in some autumn sunshine, even as it starts getting dark before you leave the office.

Fitness & Activity Tracker Wristband

Get Your House And Your Office In Order.

The relaxed vibe of summer usually leaves some extra clutter lying around. While you start thinking about raking leaves at home, don’t neglect your desk-the change of a season is a great time for some office reorganization.

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Stay Active. 

Shorter days can make it tempting to stay inside. Fight the temptation by joining a gym, or signing up for a yoga class. Make getting up early for a run part of your new fall schedule. Buy yourself some stylish cool weather active wear to make continuing to exercise into the fall months still appealing.

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Stay healthy and Happy Fall!


Back to School is Just Around the Corner!

It may feel like summer outside, but Back to School season is already upon us. The approaching fall season is a perfect time to think school themed giveaways that your clients will actually use, bringing your brand with them into their daily lives.

What are some of the trends for Back to School 2018? Think practical, think new, think eye catching! Check out some of these products we offer below for some ideas on how to promote your brand throughout the Back to School season.

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Back to School season means busy, busy, busy! Keeping an appointment book is a good way to keep life organized when the slower days of summer are over.

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Packing a lunch in a snazzy reusable container is both Eco-friendly and money saving, so smart thinking all around.

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Style meets function meets organization with a stylish linen-look Padfolio, to keep your life in order on the go through busy fall days.

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Absolutely nothing says Back to School like a new Backpack!

Whatever your clients are talking about is what we want to find for you, and right now the theme is Back to School!

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Tips for a Stress Free Vacation!

Step One: Start with a Good Plan.

Begin with a solid, well thought out plan. Start thinking about your vacation at least 3 months in advance and use the head start to avoid conflicts with deadlines or special projects.

Step Two: Communicate and Coordinate.

Make sure your boss and coworkers are aware of the timing of your planned vacation. Keeping your team in the loop allows for low stress and effective vacation coverage.

Step Three: Unplug.

If you followed the first two steps, you will be able to truly leave your devices behind and enjoy your time away. Set up a out of the office reply on your email and make sure there is a clearly understood plan back at the office so you can truly be away with no worries.

Step Four:Organize.

Never underestimate the importance of a vacation checklist. Keep your chill time truly relaxing by doing some research in the planning stage, so you have all the info on where to go & what to bring.

Step Five: Don’t Forget to Plan for your Return.

Extend your vacation plan to your return. Don’t undo all that rest and relaxation by over scheduling yourself your first day back in the office. Do your self a favor & create a workplace schedule for your first day back that allows your to hold onto the vacation mindset.

And don’t forget the travel accessories! Remember that your clients are likely planning some summer travel as well, so consider these travel related giveaways that they are sure to take along!

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Wishing you safe & relaxing travels!

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